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Solar Cell Equipment

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Laser Scriber

Main features

  • Solar Cell Thin Film Layer Laser Scribing
  • Glass Size: > 5G (1100×1400) size
  • Max Scribing Speed: up to 2000mm/sec
  • Multi Pattern Scribing Head
  • Precise Align & inspection system

Main uses

  • Form pattern for each layer using laser to create electrode on Thin Film Solar Cell circuit board
  • Used for P1, P2, P3, P4, Edge Deletion process when manufacturing Thin Film Solar Cell

Target market

  • Thin Film Solar Sell (a-Si, CiS/CIGS, a-Si:H)

Main technology

  • Laser Beam bridging / Shaping / Delivery
  • Laser Power precise control
  • Optical design for high speed/precise processing
  • Air Floating Stage control for high speed/precise processing
  • Many equipment-related patents secured

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