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IImaging laboratory

Our imaging laboratory has conducted various research and development for Sensor Solutions based on measuring/inspecting/diagnosing equipment in Information Technology(IT), Biology Technology(BT), Nano Technology(NT) field and Optical Sensing technology. 

Meere Company strives to provide more values to its customers and end-users by developing value-added products through converging Industrial Imaging Application and Biomedical Imaging technology applied in its existing business industry, FPD, Semiconductor, Solar Cell etc. We also take the lead in improving quality of life and convenience through developing the newly emerging Optical Sensing technology.

R&D Area

Optical Sensing, Industrial Imaging, Biomedical Imaging, Spectroscopy

Core Technologies

High Resolution Imaging  - OCT, Confocal, Raman

Data Processing  - Imaging Processing, Signal Processing, High Speed Parallel Processing

Circuit Design  - Analog Circuit, Digital Circuit

Optical Design  - Micro Optics (Micro Lens Design, Diffractive Optic Elements), Laser Optical System Design(Scanning Optics, Beam Delivery Systems)

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