About Us

We are the light of the world.


meerecompany realizes dreams through community-based beliefs and creative technologies, contributing to the happiness of humanity.

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“meerecompany was able to make achievements in the rapidly changing technological society through its spirit of venturing Beyond.”

We developed the world’s first technologies through continuous research, furthermore, we continue to make great contributions to the development of Korea’s display industry.

Driven by our “Beyond” spirit to brighten the future, we will continue our ceaseless technological innovations to lead the latest technology trends such as the 4th Industrial Revolution, healthcare, and robotics, as well as develop products that can complete in the global market.


BeyondYour Community

Based on our community corporate culture, the company’s success leads to happiness of our members.

Based on the idea that not only employees, but also partners and clients make up a single community aiming for a common goal, we will strive to become a company that contributes to the happiness of all members of our community.


BeyondYour Passion

We are growing into leaders of the 4th Industrial Revolution based on our tireless passion and pioneering spirit.


BeyondYour Imagination

Through creative ideas and imagination that goes beyond limits, we have developed top-class technologies in the world.

1984Leading Process

Since the founding of the company in 1984, we established corporate attached research centers in different sectors and continuously made investments in R&D. We now own numerous intellectual property rights both in Korea and abroad.

2000Leading Performance

In 2000, we successfully localized the Edge Grinder for the first time in Korea, which was completely dependent upon imports, through tireless research. Since then, we have maintained the largest global market share through our technological capacities and expertise gained for 17 years.

2008Leading Industry

Starting with the successful development of our surgical robot prototype in 2008, we successfully commercialized surgical robots with the development of Revo-i—the first surgery robot in Korea and the second in the world—in 2017. We are currently leading the medical robot market.

2014Leading Technology

By reading the trends of industrial changes and continuously engaging in research, we successfully developed the 3D recognition camera (Cube Eye) in 2014 and attained a strong position in the information technologies sector, which is the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

2017Leading Company

Our world-class product competitiveness and technologies are widely recognized, and we were selected as a World Class 300 Company in 2016. We also won the Industrial Service Medal of Honor and is playing a leading role in the development of the display industry and commercialization of surgical robots.


BeyondYour Ethics

Based on integrity, mutual respect and trust, we are doing our best to become an exemplary company.

As a member of society, meerecompany is taking the lead in fair and transparent corporate management.

meerecompany’s goal is to become a leading company of the high technology sector. We follow seven codes of conduct to become a role model company and ethical exemplar.