We invite passionate people to create a better future with integrity.

Our Story

Jeon Min-joon, QA Team Assistant Manager
Joined Meere in May 2017
Becoming a Human Resource that is Creative and Passionate within the Community

Ten months flew by while I worked in the meerecompany QA Team. It was my dream job, and I think I’m now just starting to get used to it. At first, I did not know what I was supposed to do…

Lee Yu-jin, R&D Team Assistant Manager
Joined Meere in May 2017
Becoming a Member that Brightens the Future of meerecompany

It has already been about a year since I’ve started working at meerecompany. As my first job, it was both nerve-racking and exciting. Despite being unfamiliar with the work and making many mistakes, I was able to…

Our Culture

meerecompany treats community cultures as the greatest value, creating a company culture where all its members are happy.

Culture Activities

There are various activities for establishing an active organizational culture such as Tasty Seminar, Wednesday Gourmet Meetings, Lunch With CEO, Clean Day, Cool Biz Look, etc.

Club Activities

Support is offered for various sports clubs such as soccer, baseball, hiking, skiing, etc., and new clubs are being voluntarily created by employees.

Social Activities

Regular social contribution activities for the community such as sponsoring neighbors in need, hosting bazaars, etc. are also being carried out.

Our Happiness

meerecompany makes an effort to provide welfare and education programs that help employees to concentrate on their work and to develop their capabilities.

Welfare Program

There are various benefit and welfare programs being operated to improve the quality of life and ensure stable livelihoods for the Meere family.

개인의 행복
  • Selective Benefit
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Sabbatical Year Leave
신입의 행복
  • Welcome Kit
  • Welcome Leave Program
  • Caring Program
모두의 행복
  • Group Injury Insurance
  • Medical Fee Insurance
  • In-Company Loan Programs
  • Support For Preferred Loans by Financial Companie
  • Lunar New Year and Chuseok Gifts
  • Cafeteria
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Car Maintenance Support
  • In-Company Sports Facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Health Consultation and Health Examinations
가족의 행복
  • Funday
  • Wedding Anniversary Leave
  • Resort Facility Support
  • Family Medical Fee Support
  • Childbirth Congratulatory Money
  • Condolence Money

Education Program

Education and training are provided to enhance the capacities of meere employees and for their growth and development into experts.

Leadership Training

Continuous growth programs to improve leadership capacities

New Employee Training

Training to improve the adaptiveness and sense of membership for new Meere employees

Job Specialization Training

Various educational support to enhance expertise of meere employees

Online Education

Education to improve capacities and expertise such as language and OA, regardless of time and place

In-Company Education

Support for educational activities within the company such as study groups and OJT

Seminar and Special Lectures

Education in various fields according to the needs of meerecompany

Our Ideal Candidates

BeyondYour Community

A person who goes beyond their comfort zone to create energy through cooperation with colleagues, departments, and customers, as well as through self-sacrifice

BeyondYour Passion

A person who advances forward by working passionately and never stops thinking and acting

BeyondYour Imagination

A person who goes beyond the limits of imagination and freely pursues creative ideas

BeyondYour Ethics

A person who stresses stricter honesty than social norms and whose professionalism is based on mutual respect and trust

meerecompany shares a common set of values and invites talented and capable people to become lights that will brighten the future.

Employment Iquiries

If you have inquiries related to employment, please click the button below. Our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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